ISO/TS 16949:2002
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Ravi Technoforge Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as Saurashtra Iron Forging Pvt. Ltd. actively deals into Engineering & manufacturing of hot forged and CNC machined components since 1992. The company produces a wide range of complex or simple components in a diverse range of materials. We are one of the leading manufacturer of Bearing rings and supplier to leading multinational companies like SKF, FAG, TATA, TIMKEN are few to be named. Our main exports are to Europe and USA with a track record of ZERO DEFECT and GREEN FLOW supply to all the companies.

Forging is the term for shaping metal by using localized compressive forces. It is one of the oldest known metalworking processes. Forging was done historically by a smith using hammer and anvil, and though the use of water power in the production and working of iron dates to the 12th century, the hammer and anvil are not obsolete. The smithy has evolved over centuries to the forge shop with engineered processes, production equipment, tooling, raw materials and products to meet the demands of modern industry. In modern times, industrial forging is done either with presses or with hammers powered by compressed air, electricity, hydraulics or steam.

We look forward to have an opportunity to serve you with our fullest zeal, vigour & dedication, looking forward to develop a mutually beneficial & long term happy business relationship.